Pitch On The Beach -  is a community of friends passionate about meeting new like-minded people and sharing their ideas and  new business concepts. 

We want to blend into laid back surf and beach atmosphere with inspiring storytelling, pitching of ideas, thoughts and concepts and networking. Learn, get inspired, but most importantly – the mission is to have some fun. 


Galit Ariel

Key note Speaker

Galit Ariel is a transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker who might bitch-slap people still using the term ‘disruptive innovation’.  Through her agency ‘Wondarlands’ Galit helps clients shape their augmented futures, exploring augmented narratives, interaction tools, brand touch-points and experience creation.

As a thought leader in Augmented Reality and a self-proclaimed ‘digital hippie’ her book ‘Augmenting Alice - The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality’ [July 2017] explores the side-effects of implementing Augmented Reality; and the manner in which Augmented Reality diffusion will redefine core concepts related to identity, privacy, experience and ethics. The book integrates an augmented layer, allowing an additional experiential value, and the chance to update content and data layer.


Alexandra Lomo

Making business as YOU

Alexandra works with  start-ups and founders in the making to support them to do business in their own unique way and transform that authenticity and individuality into magnetic USPs. Whether you've simply got an idea for a new business or are on your way to launching, Alexandra will explain how you can start applying important success principles today, even before you've begun doing business. Fear of failure and inside-the-box thinking often pressure fledgling entrepreneurs and start-ups to stray from the real WHY behind what they offer the world.  Alexandra will share with us a few trade secrets for how to do business as YOU (after all, isn't this one of the reasons to want to become own boss?!). 

Daria Nepriakhina 

Problem-Solution Fit

Daria has created Problem-Solution fit canvas that was featured on ProductHunt, ending up #4 of the day. Along with innovation consulting in the corporate world, she works with accelerators and incubators helping startups to find a solution that will be adopted. Daria will share a few inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and corporate ventures she has worked with in the past and how together they managed to find the right market signal (sometimes with an interesting twist).

Elena Avramenko & Ivan Misuno 

Start, fail, start again!


Elena her husband Ivan started PopAppFactory in the spring 2010 to implement their passion for building beautiful children-oriented mobile apps. In the next 6 years they have released more than 40 games, gained Apple’s “App of the year” and NAPPA Gold awards. Elena and Ivan will share their personal story and experience how to start from scratch, why your life-partner is your best business-partner, what mistakes to avoid and how to find your superpowers to start again.






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